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Personality Skills Development Course
Technical • Executive • Management

Personality Development

At JLJ, we believe in all round development of students. This requires not only the technical studies but also preparing the students for the competitive job market, A student prepares himself through this course first to be successful in getting a good job in a good concern, second to be successful in the job and last but not the least to be a complete successful human being. This course is available at three successive levels.


The program is designed around activities, games, role plays, participation in live situations. The candidate can assess the progress in his learning through his performance in studies, projects, day-to-day and working life.

Technical Personality skills (Level-1)

Pre-requisites: Student should have studied English up to High school level.
Duration: 32 weeks x 3 hours per week

Focus: To develop technical communication skills in the candidate. The performance in the examinations specially while studying technical subjects depends to a large extent on the approach and method of students towards learning and ability to express the knowledge.

Coverage: The coverage is designed to improve student's performance in academics.

• English Language
• English Grammer
• English Composition
• How to Study

- Reading Skills
- Learning Skills
- Writing Skills
- Improving Memory
- Making Notes
- Solving Papers

• Spoken English

Executive Personality Skills (Level - II)

Pre-requisites: Student should have good command over English and ability to perform well in studies.


Duration: 32 weeks x 3 hours per week

Focus: To develop skills required by an executive to work efficiently in an organization.


• English Comprehension

• Introduction to communications

• Written Communication

• Oral Communication

• Applying for a Job

• Interview

• Internal Communication

• Meetings

• Presentation Skills

• Problem Solving Skills

• Interpersonal Skills

• Time Management - I

Management Personality Skills (Level - III)

Pre-requisites: The Candidate should have good command over written and spoken English. He should have an insight into the working of an organization and role of an executive.

Duration: 32 weeks x 3 hours per week

Focus: To develop Managerial skills in the candidate, so that he can effectively manage his work as he grows in an organization.


• Dyadic Communication
• Meetings
• Seminars and Conferences
• Group Discussion
• Audio Visual aids
• Formal Reporting
• Technical Proposals
• Business Correspondence
• Technical Report Writing
• Notices, Agenda
• Minutes
• Handbooks and Manuals
• Advertising and Job Descriptions
• Planning Skills
• Organising Skills
• Leadership Skills
• Stress Management
• Research Methodology
• Time Management - II

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